Welcome to the willopedia!

This is a collection of non-hierarchically linked notes that I use pretty much any time I feel the need to write something down. I have redacted some of its contents for reasons of privacy (mine and others'), but for the most part this is my brain with the garage door up.

Not sure where to start? Me neither :) this arrangement is optimized for getting things out of my head, not for others getting things into theirs. It's difficult to navigate and eternally unfinished. It will probably be more rewarding to just have a wander and click on links that seem interesting, rather than try to build an epistemic understanding of anything. Here are some starting points, maybe:

If you're looking at a page with a section called "Notes" and a bunch of lines that look like NOTER_PAGE: (3 . 0.21722846441947566), you're looking at notes I took with org-noter. There is probably not a convenient way for you to read it, but maybe there's something interesting in the backlinks.

That's it, I think! Send an email if you feel like it. Good luck!